Laura Hinton has been taking photographs since she was 8 years old and first experimented with her mother's Brownie Reflex.  At 14 she graduated to 35-mm film.  She published photographs extensively during her journalism career in the 1970's as part of her earliest writing and editing career.

Her current work is snapped with a Canon Rebel digital, the light meter pushed in unorthodox ways for special effects, with a telephoto lens.  She loves shooting into the bright light, and/or photographing at deepest dust into night.  

She rarely crops her photos, or uses enhancement programs or Photo Shop.  Rather, she enjoys making the lens itself    translate -- and transform -- streams of colors, filaments of light, oddities and strangenesses in the land, the sea, the material world.  Human figures are part of the materiality she studies with her lens.  Her photographs include children and adults in life and at play.  One of her continuing series is her "Silhouettes," featuring darkened figures in motion, drawing upon the radiant possibilities of the Mediterranean sunlit backdrops.  She also photographs children and animals at play, waterworks, and works of art. 

"CAGNES-SUR-MER."  From series "M. Silhouette."  Published in  Glassworks Magazine   ("Beauty and Utility" issue --Winter 2014). 

"CAGNES-SUR-MER."  From series "M. Silhouette."  Published in Glassworks Magazine  ("Beauty and Utility" issue --Winter 2014). 

From series "Water Streams 1."  More photos available at Flickr:

From series "Water/bird/land:  La Camargue."  More photos available at Flickr: